Effective ways to quit smoking

There are millions upon millions of people who smoke cigarettes daily. Cigarettes have been proven to be the cause of many different types of cancers, diseases, and the like. Smoking can also exacerbate underlying illnesses such as stomach and intestinal problems and neurological diseases. Smoking has long been revered to be almost twice as hard to quit as heroin and some other street narcotics. The most effective ways to quit smoking involve planning, mindfulness, and determination, as they play a big role in self-discipline.

Planning a quit date then reducing smoking accordingly

e5rtyttrFirst, a useful way that has helped many people quit smoking is planning a quit date and then slowly working your way to that date. It is thought that you can step yourself down from nicotine dependence, but there is much more to cigarette addiction than just a chemical dependence. As you know, there is chemical dependence and physical dependence just like there is with other narcotic addictions. You must pledge your mind when you are working towards that quit date, or you will probably never make it.

Carrying an unopened pack of cigarettes

It is said that some people carry an unopened pack of cigarettes to remind them that they have quit and served as a visual aid in reassuring that it is there, but they do not need it. This is doing quitting the hard way and is not recommended for everyone. It promotes mindfulness, which is an important part of quitting smoking.

Mindfulness meditation

Cravings are the worst part of cigarette addiction, but you can help negate the cravings by acknowledging them and taking a moment to take a deep breath and reaffirm yourself with your commitment to staying quit. Mindfulness helps because it helps you develop insight as well as self-discipline.

Wearable technology

With the rise of wearable technology such as Fitbit and the iWatch, it is becoming easier to raise your self-awareness as to what you are doing. A very new type of technology is immerging on a splitting of a different branch of wearable technology. Spire and Pavlok are wearable technological devices that help guide you in being mindful. Spire is a device that measures stress and reminds you when you need to take deep breaths due to the rate of your heart and other factors.ertyujhghfgd

This is useful because when you quit smoking, naturally, your heart rate increases. Spire helps you take a moment to collect yourself and do some light meditation or breathing exercises. Pavlok is a habit reinforcing wrist device that delivers shocks to help bring your mind into what you are doing. You use Pavlok by pressing a button that administers a mild to moderate shock much like the Rubber-band technique.